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How To: Mac Find WiFi Connection Speed

How To: Mac Find WiFi Connection Speed

Curious to know your current Mac Wireless Connection speed throughput? You can quickly learn how fast your Mac laptop or desktop is communicating via its wireless connection. Unlike Windows, Mac doesn’t show quickly how fast your wireless connection speed is. To display your Mac Wireless speed, follow these steps.


1. Go to Spotlight and type Network Utility and open it.

Mac X spotlight utility check wireless speed connection


2. Go to Info tab and select your Wireless Interface, most likely Wi-Fi (en1).

Mac network utility link speed


3. Your Wireless Link Speed will be shown. This speed will always vary depending on connection strength and distance, wireless network type, and interference. Below is a chart to help you identify expected wireless speeds based on network connection types.


Wireless-G 54 Mbps
Wireless-N 144 – 900 Mbps
Wireless-AC 1200 – 6000 Mbps


Learn how to remove a wireless network on Mac or reset your Wireless settings on Mac. Finally, if you are trying to expand your home wireless network to another part of your house and want to use your same SSID network ID, follow this guide.


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Monday, 25 January 2021

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