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Chicago Class Action Settlement Notice: 5174430790 – Red Light / Speed Camera Check Refund

Chicago Class Action Settlement Notice: 5174430790 – Red Light / Speed Camera Check Refund

We received our eligible refund check from the city of Chicago class action settlement lawsuit McKenzie-Lopez / Willis vs City of Chicago in which we responded to back in 2017. Enclosed was a check that expires in 60 days from date of issue from September 2018. Below is the letter we received and eligible check.


-- Begin Letter –


Re:       Refund Payment

            McKenzie-Lopez, et al. v. City of Chicago Case No 15 CH 4802

            Willis, et al. v. City of Chicago, Case No. 16 CH 14304

            Circuit Court of Cooke County, Illinois, Chancery Division

            Class Action Settlement Notice Number: 5174430790


Dear Settlement Class Member:

Enclosed is the refund check for eligible violation(s) under the above-referenced notice number. This refund is being paid from a settlement fund the City of Chicago created to settle two class action lawsuits regarding speed camera and red light cameras. The lawsuits were filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County under the captions set forth above. The court has entered final approval of the settlement and dismissed the lawsuits. The amount of your check was calculated under the terms of the court-approved Settlement Agreement.


You are receiving this refund check because you timely submitted a claim form to participate in the refund section of the settlement for at least one violation and/or prevailed at a hearing at the City of Chicago’s Department of Administrative Hearings for at least one violation. You may also be eligible to receive debt extinguishment and participate in the City’s Debt Relief Program for unpaid amounts still due on violation(s) covered by the settlement. If so, you will receive a separate letter.


The check enclosed will expire sixty (60) days from the date your check is dated. If you fail to timely cash or deposit your check before that deadline, the will be canceled and any attempt to cash or deposit the check will be rejected.


-- End Letter --


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