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Amazon - This item isn’t eligible for a return - How to still get a refund

Amazon - This item isn’t eligible for a return - How to still get a refund

If you recently ordered an item on and tried to return it within 12 days. After finding the order in our account we select Return or replace items -> Bought By Mistake.




We filled out in the comments “We no longer need this item and it is unopened. Requesting a return and full refund.”


Amazon bought by mistake return refund 


After tapping Continue we received the message:



This item isn't eligible for a return amazon

This item isn’t eligible for a return


Clicking on the SEE RETURN POLICY link, we found that and most sellers on offer returns for items within 30 days of receipt of shipment. Prior, we never had trouble returning dozens of Amazon ordered items past 30 days. In addition, we are an Amazon Prime member. Since there was no other options to start a return and refund, we had to connect with an Amazon associate.


We started a live-chat with an Amazon associate about our item order in question. The associate informed us they would make an exception for this item and offer a full refund. In addition, Amazon did not ask us to return the item and stated to dispose or donate it.


Next time you are unable to get a refund for a recently ordered item, head to Amazon’s live-chat page and connect with an associate to understand why and if an exception can be made. In our case, we are still unsure why we could not start an automated Amazon return originally.



Please comment below on your experiences with Amazon returns and refunds.


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Sunday, 02 October 2022