Amazon: “Not restricted as per special provision a123” (Shipping Label)

Amazon: “Not restricted as per special provision a123” (Shipping Label)

Did you receive a shipment (from Amazon) with large letter printing on the shipping label:



Not restricted as per special provision A123



The printing could come to you as a surprise and may even make you weary to open your package.


Amazon is beginning to mark packages that have electrical storage with special codes to show there is no risk associated with the stored electric storage. Per ICAO:


This entry applies to Batteries and electric storage.

Examples of such batteries are: alkali-manganese, zinc-carbon, nickel-metal

hydride and nickel-cadmium batteries. Any electrical battery or battery-powered

device having the potential of dangerous evolution of heat that is not prepared so

as to prevent a short circuit (e.g. in the case of batteries, by the effective insulation of

exposed terminals; or, in the case of equipment, by disconnection of the

battery and protection of exposed terminals); and unintentional activation.


In this case, if your Amazon package was marked with “Not restricted as per special provision A123”, then your package does not carry this risk.

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Friday, 19 April 2024