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Amazon Shipping / Delivery Statuses Meaning

Amazon Shipping / Delivery Statuses Meaning

Below is a compiled list of Amazon shipping statuses you see when logged into to your Amazon account to track your order shipping. The Amazon shipping statuses change from time to time, so we try to maintain a current list below. We will continue to update this list based on Amazon’s updates. If you have a status to contribute, please use the comment form below to let us know.

Note: Remember, the shipping updates on Amazon’s website are copied from the shipping carrier deliverer and Amazon only updates the status based on the shipping carriers update.


Your Package Was Left Near the Front Door or Porch

Amazon your package was left near the door porch


Status indicates your package was delivered and left outside. Typically, your package should be located close to or around your door stop. If you don’t see your package, wait until 9pm the same day. Some report that delivery drivers will say your package is delivered online to avoid getting reprimanded if running late. In rare cases, some reports online claim their packages show up up to 2 days later.


Package Was Left Inside the Residence’s Mailbox

Amazon your package was left inside the mailbox


Status indicates your package was left inside a mailbox. If your package is not inside your own mailbox, the package may be inside your neighbor’s mailbox. We do not advise checking your neighbor’s mailbox, but perhaps reach out to each of your neighbors (opposite sides of your residence) to see if your package as mistakenly delivered to them.


An Attempt Was Made to Deliver Your Package. You May Find a Notice of Attempted Delivery That Provides More Information

Amazon attempted delivery


Status indicates a delivery attempt was made but your package could not be received. This could be due to your package needing a signature. A postman should have left a note on your door indicating the next delivery attempt. If the delivery was to a business and the business was closed, you will also see this status. If you do not receive further updates, you will likely need to pick up your package at the local post office.


Carrier is Unable to Gain Access to Front Door to Deliver the Package.


If an attempt was made by the Amazon carrier service, you will have to contact the carrier to resolve. All else, lookup the tracking number online on the carrier’s website. A redelivery attempt will likely be made next business day.


Other Amazon Shipping Statuses:


Your package was delivered.

Your package was left in the mailroom.

We’ve receiver your return. Your replacement is complete.


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HelenV - 12/12/2018 - 08:32

just got msg on my 7plus that someone is trying to sign in with my apple id in Nanjing, Jiangsu and I am in Athens Greece. Good thing I have 2 factor.

Alex - 11/12/2018 - 16:29

My TT-BH040 won't pair with another device besides my iPhone. I'm trying to pair them with my Windows 10 laptop.

iphone user - 10/12/2018 - 13:36

iphone xs max sometimes after unlocking does not switch horizontal to vertical view. I usually end up powering off and on. Latest iOS .12.1.1

Anonymous - 05/12/2018 - 23:17

Where can I get this App?

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Have been habving this issue last hour. Unreal hinge is trash

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