How to: Force-End Amazon Associate Chat

How to: Force-End Amazon Associate Chat

Did you begin an Amazon Customer Service chat and suddenly the Amazon Associate stopped responding to you?


If you attempt to close the chat window, start a new Amazon chat, or choose Back to chat, you are stuck with the same associate that is unresponsive.


Amazon start chatting now



Amazon back to chat



An unresponsive Amazon associate will eventually lead to you getting transferred to a new associate. In our case, it took around 10 minutes and we received this message:


“” had a technical issue. We’re transferring you to a new associate, please wait.


Amazon associate had a technical issue transferring you to a new associate


However, waiting for a new associate could take much longer and you want to chat immediately. Try the following below.


1. Log in to your account from a new browser and go to the Amazon Chat Page to see if you can start a new chat session. Else, try clearing browser cookies and cache and logging back into your Amazon account.


2. Request Amazon phone call to force-end your chat session. Go to Amazon Customer Service Hub -> select a hub -> scroll down until you see If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us. and select contact us.


Amazon support contact us


If you’re lucky, you may receive an option to Start a new chat? after opening a new Amazon Associate chat window.


Looks like you are already have a chat in progress. Would you like to…

Continue your previous chat?


Start a new chat?


Amazon associate start new chat


If you know of another method to force-ending and old Amazon chat, please comment below.

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Saturday, 13 July 2024