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Why: This Payment is Still Pending – PayPal

This Payment is Still Pending PayPal

Did you receive a PayPal payment for a recent eBay item but the PayPal transaction shows as pending and it does not appear in your available balance? You see a message in PayPal similar to below.


This payment is still pending. In case you are shipping an item please wait until the payment is completed.


This payment is still pending paypal

In addition, you will see an hour glass in your sold eBay item which means your payment is pending and that you are not responsible for shipping any items until the buyer’s payment has cleared.


Ebay pending payment hour glass


There are many reasons for PayPal pending the payment.


Reasons for Pending PayPal Payments:


-The buyer is using an unverified PayPal account

-The eBay buyer has a limited selling history

-The eBay buyer has a Below Standard rating

-The buyer funded the transaction from a bank account and there is a hold on the authorization on the bank side


Typically, PayPal & eBay will make funds available to you within 3 days or 72 hours. If this does not happen, contact eBay or PayPal to let them know the payment has not been released to you. You can also open an eBay unpaid case for your item.


Learn more on pending payments on eBay’s website here.

Learn more on pending payments on PayPal’s website here.


Use the comment form below to let us know about your experience with selling on eBay and pending PayPal payments for items you sold.


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Wednesday, 10 August 2022