Restore From Backup iTunes iPhones - Missing Items?

Restore From Backup iTunes iPhones - Missing Items?

If you have a new iPhone and will be restoring it from an iTunes backup, remember that the traditional Apple iOS restore won’t restore your phone “completely”. You may not notice right away what your restore didn’t bring back to your new iPhone. Be aware and avoid the unnecessary frustrations when you need these features in critical moments.


If you are restoring from an iPhone backup to a new iPhone from scratch, here is what you should remember that won’t be carried over.


Encrypted Applications
Encrypted applications include corporate Exchange email accounts and RSA Secure ID tokens. These items are lept from being restored because of their application security methods. Remember to “rebuild” your email accounts and request your new RSA SecureID token ahead of time.
App Login Information
Depending on the app, most apps (like banking apps) won’t carry your login information over to your phone restore. You will need to manually login to these apps and save credentials to them if you had before.
iOS 9 seems to carry login information over for other apps now like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.
WiFi And Bluetooth Network settings
Saved WiFi networks will likely be lost. Remember to take note of the most common networks you join to and have the passwords at hand when needed. iOS9 seems to be able to remember these now, though.
Bluetooth pairings will be lost. You will need to re-pair Bluetooth devices you had saved from your previous iPhone. This can be frustrating. Remember most common Bluetooth devices including your car, home stereo, and computer.


Other items that won’t be backed up in an iTunes software restore:
Photos outside of camera roll


If you are most interested in a hassles free “full” backup of your iPhone, check out CopyTrans, which allows for entire backups of your iPhone, leaving the worry about losing the items mentioned from a traditional iTunes backup above.


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