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Delete Google Chrome Saved URL Mac

Are you annoyed with Google Chrome auto completing a URL you typed in before? For example, you type a website into Chrome and hit return, but it takes you to a different page on that website because it remembered what you last visited. You can quickly remove those saved URL’s by following the steps below.


Mac X Chrome Delete Saved URL: SHIFT + FN + DEL


First, Ensure Google Prediction Service Is Not Your Issue!

You can disable prediction service which automatically shows your favorite chrome bookmarks in the URL bar when you type a similar site.


  1. In Google Chrome go to Settings -> Advanced and turn off use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar.
Google chrome disable prediction service
  1. Type a website URL into Google Chrome again and see if this fixes your saved URL issues.


Delete a Saved URL in Google Chrome

Note: The shift + delete method does not work on Mac, but will work on Windows.


  1. On your Mac go to Go -> Go To Folder and type in the path below and hit return.
~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default


Google chrome delete saved url suggestions


  1. Find and delete the Web Data and History files.
Google chrome history web data
  1. Restart Google Chrome and the saved URL’s should no longer appear.

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