Easy: Create Custom Facebook URL for Page

Create Custom Facebook URL for Page

You can create a custom URL (username) for your Facebook page as long as your page is eligible. Creating a custom URL for your Facebook Page helps users remember and access your page easier, as well as adding benefits to your brand SEO.  To get started with a custom Facebook Page URL, follow the steps below.


  1. Select the Facebook Page you want to set a custom URL username for.
Facebook pages shortcuts
  1. Click About then under General click Create Page @username pictured below.
Facebook custom url about page

  1. Type in a Username you want to use. Facebook will check to see if the name is taken or not already and let you know by a green or red mark.
Facebook create custom url page screen

Note: After you claim a custom Facebook Username URL, your page will be accessible like this




In order to be eligible to create a custom Facebook page URL username, a newly created Facebook page must have at least 25 page likes and in some cases, have your page verified.


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Wednesday, 19 June 2024