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Easy: How to Release Yelp Business Page Ownership (Transfer Yelp Page to Another Admin)

Easy: How to Release Yelp Business Page Ownership (Transfer Yelp Page to Another Admin (Transfer Yelp Page to Another Admin)

If you want to transfer the ownership of a Yelp business page you manage (transfer a Yelp page from your account to another user and email address) you must complete the business page unclaiming request form on Yelp’s website. Follow the steps below.


  1. Login to your Yelp page for business for owners.
  1. At the top, select Account Settings.
Yelp business account settings
  1. Select Release access to this business toward the bottom of the page.
Yelp release access to business
  1. Search for the Yelp business page you are currently an administrator of.
Yelp business page unclaiming request

  1. Choose Select this business.
Yelp unclaim select this business
  1. Fill out the Business page unclaiming request form and click send.
Yelp relinquish access business

Yelp will respond via email confirming they released the Yelp business page and that it can be claimed by someone else. Follow our guide on how to claim a Yelp page here.

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Saturday, 19 January 2019
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