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Easy: How to Access and Edit your Business Company Profile Page

If you recently signed up with an account to post jobs with, you may find it convoluted and difficult to actually access your Indeed company business profile page. The default login page to looks something like below when you first get in.



  1. To immediately get to your business page, click Employers / Post Job in the top left corner.

This will bring you to your company dashboard. Now, to edit your business page information, click Edit Page under Company Page pictured below.


Now, you will be able to update your company information.


Change your Company Profile Business Name?


You cannot change your business name on yourself. You will need to contact support and request them to change your business company name. You may need to change your business name for legal reasons (From INC, LLC, etc..) support is helpful and knowledgeable. You will receive an email response after contacting them in the support form.

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Sunday, 02 October 2022