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How To: Mac X Check Power Consumption Usage

How To: Mac X Check Power Consumption Usage

Ever wonder how much power your Mac computer is actually using in real-time? As long as your Mac has an Intel processor (all latest Mac machines have Intel processors today) you can monitor your Mac computer processor power in watts, processor frequency (how fast each core is running) and temperature – all in real time!


1. Download and install Intel Power Gadget for Mac X here.

Mac intel power gadget usage


2. The application installer will create a folder in Applications called Intel Power Gadget.


3. Open Intel(R) Power You will see 3 screens reporting processor power, processor frequency, and processor temperature in real-time.

Monitor mac power usage


You can enable automatic logging to a file that will save by default in the /tmp directory. It will create a CSV file.

Mac power usage log default location


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Wednesday, 10 August 2022