How To: Install Android OS on Virtual Box and Boot from Hard Disk

How To: Install Android OS on Virtual Box and Boot from Hard Disk

The Android operating system (OS) is an open source Linux distribution developed by Google. Android is the default operating system on Google phones including the HTC, Motorola, and Samsung smartphones. Android OS can be downloaded from the official distribution website. Android OS is the same Android developers enjoy the ability to install Android OS on a Virtual System, such as the free open source VirtualBox software for Mac X, Windows, and Linux. Others may want a copy of Android OS to test new capabilities or better understand the Android OS by running a copy of it on your computer desktop.



Download and install VirtualBox

Download latest Android OS here. (At this time, android-x86-6.0-r1.iso)


1. Create a new machine in Virtual Box with the following configuration: Linux/Other Linux 64-Bit. Name the machine Android.

Install android virtualbox new vm


2. The default ram of 512MB is fine.

Install android virtualboxram size


3. Choose create a virtual hard disk now.

Install android virtualbox hard disk size


4. Select VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image).

Install android virtualbox vdi


5. Select Dynamically allocated.

Install android virtualbox dynamically allocated


6. Choose 8.00 GB for disk size.

Install android virtualbox hard disk size 8g


7. Select the Android ISO image you downloaded.

Install android virtualbox android image iso


8. The Virtual Machine will boot. Choose Installation – Install Android-x86 to harddisk.

Install android virtualbox android to harddisk


9. Select Create/Modify partitions.

Install android virtualbox create modify partitions


10. Choose Yes for Do you want to use GPT?

Install android virtualbox use gpt



11. Now we create a new Android partition. Using your keyboard arrow keys, select New.

Install android virtualbox new partition


12. Select Primary.

Install android virtualbox primary partition


13. Select Bootable then select Write to create your new partition. Choose quit after to boot Android install.

Install android virtualbox write partition


14. Select sda1 Linux VBOX HARDDISK.

Install android virtualbox sad1 linux vbox


15. Do you want to install boot loader GRUB – select Yes.

Install android virtualbox install grub


Android will install and you will be prompted for initial configuration of your new Android OS. After completing configuration, you can power off your new VM to see how Android OS will boot.

Install android virtualbox boot android normal

By default, it will choose the first order normal boot in 5 seconds. All data you save and apps you download in the Android OS this way will be saved!

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