Do You Want to Trust the Website – Safari

Do You Want to Trust the Website – Safari

If you use Safari in Mac X, you may receive a prompt to trust or not trust a website to use a plugin installed in Safari. Luckily, you can change to always trust and allow websites so you don’t receive this prompt each time.


Do you want to trust the website “” to use the “” plug-in?

You can manage which websites you trust to use this plug-in in Safari Security preferences.


To automatically allow and trust plugins on websites, follow these steps.


1. Go to Safari -> Preferences -> Security -> Plug-in Settings…

 Safari security preferences


2. You will see installed Safari plugins in the left column. Select any plugin, then choose which website(s) to trust to off, on, or ask.  

Safari plug-in settings


3. To automatically trust a website in Safari, change the option to On.


Note: Some Safari plugin-ins do not allow you to automatically trust websites. You will be forced to “allow” the website each time you visit. You will see the following message in plug-in’s if this is the case. There is no way around this.


“” does not support the highest level of security for Safari plug-ins.

Websites using this plug-in may be able to access your personal documents and data.

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Monday, 02 October 2023