Amazon: How to Contact Any Seller

Amazon: How to Contact Any Seller

You can contact an Amazon seller before and after placing an order. Follow the guides below.


Contact Amazon Seller Before an Order

  1. Go to the Amazon product detail page.
  1. Click on the name of the Seller at the top of the product. In this example, we click on Seller Ralph Lauren.
Amazon seller ralph lauren
  1. At the top right, click Ask a question.
Amazon ask a question button
Amazon contact seller before order

Note: If you do not see ask a question button, there are multiple suppliers of the product you chose. Go back to the product detail page and scroll down until you see new / used links and click it. Finally, choose a Seller.

Amazon new used products link


Amazon select seller



Contact Amazon Seller After an Order

  1. In your Amazon account, go to Your Orders.
  1. The only contact option that appears here is Return or replace items which you obviously do not want to do. In order to reveal the Ask a question button, click the sold by link pictured below. If the sold by link is from Services, INC or a non clickable link, use this contact form to contact directly. 
Amazon orders sold by link Contact Us Order I Placed Issues


Where’s my stuff?

Problem with an Order

Returns and refunds

Gift Cards

Payment issues

Change an order

Promotions and deals

More order issues

Phishing or Scam Inquiries


Amazon order placed issues

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