When Does Google AdSense Pay?

When Does Google AdSense Pay?
As long as there are no holds on your Google AdSense payment account, Google AdSense will make payments around the 21st of every month (monthly payments). Typically, you can expect to receive a Google AdSense payment on the 21st or 22nd – depending if the day falls on a business day. See full terms from Google here.

Google AdSense Payment Direct Deposit Description

If you receive direct deposit into a checking or savings account for your Google AdSense, you will notice Google makes payments with the following description.


Google Adsense Payment Description


Choosing to withhold AdSense earnings? Are there Benefits?

There are conflicting reports of some Google AdSense earners claiming their Cost Per Clock (CPC) increases by choosing to withhold payments at higher dollar thresholds. Additionally, reports of receiving more clicks from better serving ads from advertisers by choosing to withhold earnings.

There is no evidence to really support these theories. We pushed our payment threshold to higher dollar amount in the beginning of this year and we are coming onto our 6th month of Google AdSense withhold payments. Coincidently, we noticed our last 2-3 months of AdSense earnings increase dramatically from a + %65 and + %58 months in AdSense revenue earnings. Our AdSense account lifespan never say such a dramatic increase in earnings in this time span. The properties we saw the earnings increase was evenly divided. It is important to note there was no increase or decrease in monetized traffic to these properties.

Google AdSense Withholding Increase Earnings

These observations are worth noting but probably more of a coincidence than anything else. Additionally, we don’t consider our Google AdSense account a top earner and in such case we believe Google isn’t giving us any special attention.
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