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Easy: Unlock any Windows File or Folder

Unlock any Windows File or Folder

If you have a Windows file or folder that is locked, you can easily find out what process is locking it and forcefully unlock that file or folder. Follow the steps below.


  1. Download Process Explorer for free by Microsoft.
  1. Go to File -> Show Details from All Processes. (Process explorer will restart and run as administrator, you will be prompted)
Process explorer show details for all processes

  1. Go to Find -> Find Handle or DLL…
Process explorer find handle or dll
  1. Type in the name of the file (include file extension) or folder name that is locked or you believe is locked.
Process explorer find search
  1. Select the file in search. It will be highlighted.
Process explorer close handle
  1. In the bottom of the main Process Explorer Window, you will see the same file highlighted. Right Click the file and choose Close Handle.
  1. You will receive a warning. If you are unsure of what closing this handle will, do not proceed.
Process explorer warning
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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

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