Fix: Maximum Display Brightness + Windows Boot Camp

Fix: Maximum Display Brightness + Windows Boot Camp

Are you noticing a slight dim in your MacBook screen brightness working in Windows Boot Camp? Windows automatically adjusts the screen brightness based on lighting changes in your environment. In order to use your MacBook’s maximum screen brightness in Windows Boot Camp, you will need to disable this option.


Windows boot camp maximum brightness level


1. In Windows, go to Settings -> Display -> uncheck Change brightness atomically when lighting changes.



Windows boot camp uncheck change brightness automatically max


2. You should notice your screen brightness increase just like in macOS.


More importantly, the Windows screen brightness slider is a bit deceiving. When you maximize your screen brightness (function keys or with the Windows bar slider) it appears the brightness is not fully maximized because it shows white space at the top. In fact, this is how Windows shows maximum screen brightness as the white space is the actual slider!

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