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How To: Mac X Bring Dashboard Widgets to Front Desktop

How To: Mac X Bring Dashboard Widgets to Front Desktop

Want to always see and use your favorite Dashboard Widget? You can bring Mac X Dashboard items to your Desktop and make them show persistently. Follow these steps.


1. Find your Dashboard hotkey. Go to System Preferences -> Mission Control and see your hot key for Dashboard.

Mac show dashboard


2. While still in Mission Control, ensure Dashboard is switched to As Overlay

Mac dashboard overlay


3. Open Terminal. (Applications -> Utilities ->Terminal)

4. Type the following commands:

defaults write devmode YES


 killall Dock

Mac terminal commands widgets desktop


5. Open Mac Dashboard. Click on any Widget and hold the mouse button while hot-keying back to your desktop. Your widget should appear on your Desktop. Repeat this action for as many widgets you would like placed on your Desktop.

Note: If you still cannot mouse-click and drag widgets, issues the killall Dock command again in Terminal.


Disable Dashboard Widgets on Desktop


1. In Terminal type the following commands

 defaults write devmode NO


 killall Dock

2. You will need to put back the Dashboard Widgets in the opposite fashion. On your Desktop, mouse-click a widget then hot key to your dashboard and release each widget to put it back on your Dashboard.

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Tuesday, 09 August 2022