How To: Run Windows 10 on Mac for Free

How To: Run Windows 10 on Mac for Free

Today, Mac users need the ability to run certain Windows programs on their Mac OS X system because they are not compatible or officially supported by Mac (check out our article on how to run Windows apps in Mac without needing to install Windows). In this guide, we demonstrate how to virtualize Windows 10 on your Mac. Virtualization allows you to install and run a real copy of another operating system on top of your your current operating system. You can take advantage of the same hardware features for virtualization including USB compatibility, video card, memory, hard drive space, CPU, and more. There are several benefits to virtualization, including manageability, cost, and ability to run different Operating Systems alongside each other. Let’s get started with installing a copy of Windows 10 on Mac OS X.


1. Download and install free virtualization software called VirtualBox for Mac. Open the dmg file and install the VirtualBox.pkg file.

Virutalbox install windows 10 free


Note: VirtualBox is the leading free virtualization products available. In addition to being free, VirtualBox offers the same features and support as paid virtualization software offers, including Parallels Desktop.


2. Let’s grab a free copy of Windows 10 (trial version). Go to Windows 10 Software Download.

3. Select Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. Click confirm.

Install windows 10 anniversary edition mac x


4. Choose your language. Click confirm.

Install windows 10 anniversary english language


5. Choose 64-bit Download.

Install windows 10 64 bit anniversary


Note: Since our Mac is 64-bit and we have more than 4 gigabyte of memory, we want to take advantage of the 64-bit version of Windows 10. The download is about 4 gigs and will take some time. Once downloaded, you will have an ISO image named something like Win10_1607_English_x64.iso


6. Open in Applications folder on your Mac.

Mac x virtualbox app

7. Click New.

Mac x virtualbox new machine

                  Name: Windows 10

                  Type: Microsoft Windows

                  Version: Windows 10 (64-bit)


Install windows 10 virtualbox mac free


Click Continue.


8. Memory Size can be left at default. Click continue.

Virtualbox mac memory size


9. For Hard Disk, select create a virtual hard disk now. Select Create.

Virtualbox mac hard disk size


10. For hard disk file type, VDI is fine. Click Continue.

Virtualbox mac hard disk file type


Note: We can export our virtual image to any format down the road, so this really doesn’t matter.


11. Select Dynamically allocated for storage on physical hard disk. Click Continue.

Virtualbox mac hard disk dynamically allocated


12.Click Create.

Virtualbox mac create new windows 10 imge


13. Now, select the Windows 10 image in your list and click Start. You will get a message that the machine is new and needs an image. Click the tiny green arrow and find your downloaded Windows 10 ISO file. Then click Start.

Virtualbox mac start windows 10 machine

Virtualbox mac windows 10 iso image


Your new Windows 10 image will begin to install.


Note: When Windows asks for your product key, simple select I don’t have a product key. Remember, you can always decide to purchase a product key after the 90-day trial expires. Currently, a Windows 10 activation license costs from around $90 – $120.

Virutlabox mac install windows 10 no product key


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