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Fix: Mac OS X High Sierra Upgrade – No WiFi Internet After

Fix: Mac OS X High Sierra Upgrade – No WiFi Internet After

If you recently upgraded to Mac OS X High Sierra (10.13.1), you may not be able to connect to the Internet (over Wi-Fi or Ethernet) including unable to browse web pages or open the App Store. Additionally, your Mac will display “green” in System Preferences and show a connected Wi-Fi signal indicating you have a network connection, however you cannot reach the Internet. The issue is likely related to corrupt network preference files from the previous version of Mac OS you upgraded from. Follow the steps below to reset your network settings.


Note: Removing and re-adding the network connection in network preferences does not work.


  1. On your Mac, select from the Finder Menu Go -> Go To Folder… and type in the following path. Hit Go.


Mac high sierra network preferences files


  1. Delete the following files in the SystemConfiguration folder. You may be prompted to enter your Mac OS X password.


Mac high sierra delete network settings preferences


  1. Restart your Mac.


Try to connect to either Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable and accessing the Internet. This should resolve your Mac OS High Sierra Upgrade Internet connection issues.


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