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Apple Remote Desktop iPhone (iOS Apps Secure / Non-Secure)

Apple Remote Desktop iPhone (iOS Apps Secure / Non-Secure)

(ARD) access to their Mac OS machine 24/7 from anywhere in the world and at all times. In order to avoid carrying a laptop everywhere, sys admins prefer remote desktop access on a mobile device. Luckily, there are several iOS apps that connect natively to your Mac OS computer running Apple Remote Desktop (over port 5900).


Free iOS Apple Remote Desktop Apps (Non-Secure Connections)


Download: VNC Viewer – Remote Desktop iOS App


This lightweight, free, and easy to use iOS Apple Remote Desktop app allows you to quickly create a screen sharing connection to your Mac OS computer using Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) protocol. The downside is the connection will always be unsecure and unencrypted.

*Connect with ease via our cloud service to computers running VNC Connect.

*Make direct connections to computers running VNC-compatible software from third parties, for example Apple Screen Sharing (ARD).

*Backup and sync your connections between all your devices by signing in to VNC Viewer on each one.

*A scrolling bar above the virtual keyboard includes advanced keys such as Command/Windows.

Support for Bluetooth keyboards.


Paid iOS Apple Remote Desktop Apps (Secure Connections)


Download: Remotix - Remote Desktop iOS App


* Full set of multi-touch gestures to pan, zoom, drag, right click & scroll

* Point-and-click or touchpad-mode remote desktop control

* Hardware and bluetooth keyboard support, including F keys, cursor and modifiers

* Swiftpoint GT and Citrix X1 mouse support

* Complete international character input

* Extended keyboard to access copy/paste, function and navigation keys

* 3D Touch for right click


If you are connecting to Mac or PC with NEAR:

* Hardware accelerated H264 based remote desktop experience;

* Three quality modes, including “smooth” - for video & games.

* Automatically adapts to changing network conditions;

* Clipboard synchronization;

* Remote sound transfer;

* Login using system credentials or personal access code;

* Curtain mode & remote screen locking (Mac only).


If you are connecting to a Mac with Screen Sharing:

* Five quality modes, including adaptive for average and slow Internet connections

* Multi-display configuration selection, combined or each display individually

* VNC password and Mac OS X authentication methods

* Greatly improves interaction speed with server-side picture scaling,

* Multi-language keyboard input using "Keyboard through Clipboard" mode

* Remote screen locking

* Access to hidden dock or menu


If you are connecting to Windows over RDP:

* RD Gateway & load-balancing configurations

* On-the-fly resolution and scale change

* Sound playback & recording

* Real time network speed adaptation for the best performance over 3G or LAN

* Secure NLA authentication

* RDP over SSH


If you are connecting to Windows or Linux over VNC:

* Tested and works well with UltraVNC, TightVNC, RealVNC, VMWare, TigerVNC, x11vnc and other servers

* UltraVNC Windows Logon authentication

* TLS encryption and VeNCrypt authentication (ProxMox)

* x11vnc -ncache mode support

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Wednesday, 16 January 2019
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