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Fix: Your Java Version is Out of Date Pop-Up Disable

Fix: Your Java Version is Out of Date Pop-Up Disable

If you launched an application that uses Java, you may receive a message about Java being out of date.


Your Java version is out of date.

Update - (recommended) Get the latest security update from

Block – Block Java content from running in this browser session.

Later – Continue and you will be reminded to update again later.


You receive this message when the application you launched detects a newer version of Java available. To suppress the Java warning message until you are able to update, you can perform the following steps.


Disable Java Prompt Check-Box

  1. When you receive the Java version is out of date prompt, check the box at the bottom of the window that says: Do not ask again until the next update is available. This will suppress the pop-up until Java releases another new update.
Your java version is out of date

Permanently Disable Java is Out of Date Pop-Up Message in Java Properties File

  1. Create the following files below and add the necessary lines. Place both these files inside the following path: C:\Windows\Sun\Java\Deployment

                  Filename: Deployment.config

                  Lines to Add to File:




                  Lines to Add to File:



  1. You will need to tell Java to use this file when it runs. Open command prompt an type the following commands.
setx deployment.expiration.check.enabled false /m
javaws -userConfig deployment.expiration.check.enabled false


  1. Edit the following registry values for the user.
deployment.expiration.check.enabled "false" deployment.expiration.check.enabled.locked deployment.expiration.decision=never deployment.expiration.decision.locked deployment.expiration.decision.suppression=true deployment.expiration.decision.suppression.locked


For more information, refer to the following links below.


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Saturday, 19 January 2019
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