Fix: The Server Has Rejected the File – YouTube

Fix: The Server Has Rejected the File – YouTube

When you attempt to upload a file to YouTube, you may receive a message that prevents your upload from completing.


The server has rejected the file. Please follow these steps and upload the file again.


There are several reasons YouTube displays this message. Here are the most common reasons you are receiving the message based on other’s experience online and Google references.


  • If the YouTube upload button missing from your profile and you are using the link to upload, you are likely uploading too many videos at once that day. YouTube will randomly begin to reject your uploads until next day.
  • The YouTube upload servers might be experiencing technical issues – especially if you are receiving the reject message randomly on videos you upload. To confirm, attempt to upload the same video file again and see if it begins to upload.
  • Try uploading your videos using the supported Google browser – Google Chrome

  • Verify you are not uploading a duplicate YouTube video you already uploaded! YouTube will detect this and reject it.
  • Upload the YouTube video behind your regular Internet Service Provider and not behind VPN or proxy, if you are using one.
  • Verify you are uploading a YouTube supported video file type.
    • MP4
    • WebM
    • MPEG
    • WMV
    • FLV
  • Enable cookies in the browser you are using. If you are already using Google Chrome, this should be enabled by default.
  • Sometimes YouTube’s security algorithms believe you are uploading a spammy or illegal video – by mistake. If you continue receiving the reject message on a particular upload video, edit the video and add a few seconds to it and try uploading it again. This is to force YouTube into believing you are uploading a completely different video than before.


If none of the tips above worked or you have another tip to share, please use the comment form below to let us know.

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