Remove A DNS Entry Using Windows Command Line

Remove A DNS Entry Using Windows Command Line

Delete a host record from DNS
dnscmd %server% /recorddelete %zone% @ A %IP%

Query DNS forest-wide partition replica
dsquery * "DC=ForestDNSZones,dc=forestRootDomain

Add a CNAME record to DNS
dnscmd %server% /recordadd %zone% %AliasName% CNAME %HostnameAliasing%

Query zone resource records on a Microsoft DNS server
wmic /namespace:\\root\microsoftdns /node:%server% path MicrosoftDNS_ResourceRecord WHERE ContainerName='%zone_name%'

nslookup with debug information
nslookup -debug %IP%

DSQuery authorised DHCP Servers
Dsquery * "cn=NetServices,cn=Services,cn=Configuration, DC=forestRootDomain" -attr dhcpServers

Enumerate all records from a DNS zone
dnscmd /enumrecords @ /additional /continue > DNS_all.txt

Lookup SRV records from DNS
nslookup -type=srv _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.{domainRoot}

DNS Information
for /f %i in ('dsquery server -domain %userdnsdomain% -o rdn') do dnscmd %i /info

DNS Zone Detailed information
dnscmd /zoneinfo %userdnsdomain%

DNS Zones in AD
for /f %i in ('dsquery server -o rdn') do Dsquery * -s %i domainroot -filter (objectCategory=dnsZone)

Enumerate DNS Server Zones
for /f %i in ('dsquery server -o rdn') do dnscmd %i /enumzones

Print DNS Zones
dnscmd DNSServer /zoneprint DNSZone

Add a host record in DNS
dnscmd %dnsserver% /recordadd %zone% %relative_name% A %ip%

Find aging records from an enumerated zone
find /i "aging:" DNS_all.txt > DNS_aging.txt

DNS Scavenging check, based on the output of aging records from dnscmd.exe
cscript DNSScavengeTest.wsf /f:DNS_aging.txt

Query DNS objects from the directory
dsquery * DC=,CN=MicrosoftDNS,cn=System,dc=

Start DNS scavenging
dnsmd /startscavenging

Determine the DNS suffix search list set through policy for a computer
reg query "\\%Computer%\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\policies\microsoft\Windows NT\DNSClient" /v SearchList

Query for the zones hosted on a Microsoft DNS server
wmic /namespace:\\root\microsoftdns /node:%server% path MicrosoftDNS_Zone

Find DNS Forwarder information from dnscmd output
for %b in (DNS*.txt) do @for /f "skip=2 delims=[]" %i in ('"find /i /N "Forwarders:" %b"') do @for /f "skip=2 delims=[]" %m in ('"find /i /N "Command completed successfully." %b"') do @for /f %p in ('set /a %m-%i') do echo tail -%p %b

List primary reverse lookup zones from a DNS server
dnscmd %server% /EnumZones /secondary /reverse

List allowed secondary servers for the specified zone
dnscmd %server /zoneinfo SecondaryServers


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