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How To: Delete Any Windows Service via Command Line

Delete Any Windows Service via Command Line

If you need to delete a Windows service because it’s old, no longer used, or you just simply want it deleted, you can easily do this using Windows Command Prompt.


  1. First, verify the Windows Service name exactly as shown in Windows. Open Windows services. In a Windows run command window, type the following.
  1. Double-click the Windows service you want to uninstall. In this example, we choose Application Identity Properties which the service name is actually AppIDSvc. We will use this syntax to delete a Windows service.
sc delete ServiceName

  1. Open a new Windows Command Prompt as administrator. To remove the AppIDSvc service, type the following command.
sc delete AppIDSvc

  1. Because AppIDSvc is a Windows service, we won’t be able to delete it and you’ll get the error below.
  1. If you delete a Windows Service that is used by another Windows Application, you will receive the following message.


Take care when deleting a Windows services – they are not easily recoverable!

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Friday, 09 December 2022