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Why: US Census Bureau Keeps Calling Me

US Census Bureau Keeps Calling Me

Are you receiving phone calls from the United States Census Bureau on behalf of the National Science Foundation asking for you to call them back as soon as possible and reference a case ID number? You most likely received a letter in the mail as well asking for your voluntary or mandatory participation. The US Census Bureau may go as far as contacting your acquaintances asking for your contact information!


If you did speak to a US Census Bureau agent, you can ask them to be removed from the survey they asked you to participate in. However, we have heard reports about the Bureau still trying to get in touch with people after they requested to be removed.


For a  current list of US Census Bureau surveys, check on their official website here.

So What Can You Do?

Call back the US Census Bureau and reference your case number. If you don’t know your case number, they should be able to look this up by your name. Explain you would like to not participate in the survey and ask them for a confirmation that you have been removed. Take not of the time you called and the agent you spoke to (they should have an ID number you can record).


If you continue to receive mail or calls from the US census Bureau, let us know using the comments below. Please also share your experience and how you were able to get removed from the US Census Bureau your volunteered to participate in.

* Please use the comment form below to let us know if you experience issues, have questions, or can provide solution. We want and encourage feedback. *

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Tuesday, 26 September 2017
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