Can eBay Auto Deduct the Final Value Fee from an Item Sold?

Can eBay Auto Deduct the Final Value Fee from an Item Sold?
Whenever you sell something on eBay, there is a final value fee that you will be invoiced for on the sold item. This is a collective fee of 10%  or a maximum of a $750 fee per item as outlined by eBay here. At the end of each month, eBay deducts your primary funding account (around the 23rd)for all final value fees accrued that month.

Active eBay sellers might sell 100’s items in a month accursing a substantial final value fees on all those items. You might be “surprised” when you owe eBay several hundred dollars all of a sudden at the end of the month and see your primary funding account suddenly go negative. A truly unpleasant surprise for all the selling hard work you put in.

So…can eBay automatically deduct final value fees immediately at the time of sale for your item? No.

However, you can make a final fee payment to eBay immediately after you sell your item. This way, you can pay with the funds you received from your sold item immediately and never worry about final value fees popping up down the line.

1. Sign into eBay.

2. Go to eBay Account tab.

eBay My Account

3. On the left side, scroll down to Seller Account

eBay My Views Seller Account

4. Scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see make a one-time payment for eBay seller fees

eBay Make one Time Payment Seller fFees

5. The next screen will show you ways to pay: PayPal, Direct Pay, Credit Card, or Money/Check Order.

eBay Make Single Fee Payment

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