How To: Rotate and Save Video on Mac OS X

How To: Rotate and Save Video on Mac OS X

Do you have a video that is off centered or not aligned correctly? Do you want to rotate a video for another reason and save it? You can quickly rotate any video in Mac X using Quicktime player that comes installed by default on Mac OS X. Follow the steps below.


1. Find a compatible QuickTime movie file you want change orientation on. Right-click -> open with -> QuickTime 

2. Go to Edit and choose from the following rotate left, rotate right, flip horizontal, flip vertical.

Mac x rotate video in quicktime



3. When you are satisfied with your new orientation, save your video. Go to File -> Export and save.

Mac quicktime save rotated video


You can do this for videos and pictures as well. Learn how to insert a picture into an iMovie file next.

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Sunday, 01 October 2023