Fix: Mac Mail Couldn’t Load Body For LibM

Mac Mail Couldn’t Load Body For LibM

In Mac OS Mail, you may delete (by mistake or on purpose) an email message that arrived in your mailbox. If you go back to the message, or undo the delete, the message appears grey in your inbox and may appear blank. If you attempt to move the email message into an archived folder, you may receive the following error message.


“” messages could not be moved to the mailbox “” – On My Mac”

Couldn’t load body for Libm{“”}


This error happens when the email message has not been downloaded completely to your inbox (pictures videos or text in the body of the email) or the email was already archived on your hosting email server. Sometimes you wait several minutes for the email to load in your Inbox, but the body of the email is still blank.

The quickest solution we found is to quit and re-open Mail. After, the email message you originally deleted but then moved back into your inbox should now be loaded (body text images and videos) and you can archive it off into a folder on your Mac without receiving the error message.


If all else fails, rebuild your Mac OS Mail Mailboxes.

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Monday, 27 May 2024