How To: Delete Contacts Distribution List Group (macOS)

How To: Delete Contacts Distribution List Group (macOS)

Do you see an old distribution list in your macOS Contacts app that you no longer want? It may be a distribution list you want to clean up or remove altogether. The macOS Contacts app does not allow you to right-click a distribution list and delete by default.


Note: Deleting a distribution list or group in Contacts does not remove the contacts themselves. They are still accessible from All Contacts group.


1. Select (highlight) the Contacts distribution list you want to delete on the left.


How to delete contacts distribution lists groups macos


2. Press the delete key on your keyboard.



3. You will be prompted to confirm deleting the distribution list. Click Delete.


Macos contacts confirm delete group


4. The Distribution list will no longer appear in your macOS Contacts app.


Macos contacts all contacts


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