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How To: Update Mac OS X Hosts File

How To: Update Mac OS X Hosts File

To quickly update your Mac hosts file, follow these steps.


1. At the Finder, select Go -> Go to Folder… at the top menu bar.

Mac hosts file go to


2. Type /etc/ then Go.

Go to etc directory hosts file mac


3. You now be in the /etc/ folder which contains the hosts file.

Mac hosts file


4. To edit the hosts file quickly, drag the hosts file to your desktop. This creates a copy you can edit and save to. Once the hosts file is on your desktop, open it. (You may need to right-click and choose open with

5. Add your necessary host file updates and save the file. Finally, drag the desktop hosts file back into the /etc/ directory. This will copy and replace your current hosts file. You will need administrator privileges so type in your account password.

Mac x host file entries


Your new hosts file will take effect immediately on your Mac X system. Don’t worry, Mac X will change the permissions of your new host file immediately so it will stay secure just as before.

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