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How To: Print Double Sided on Mac

How To: Print Double Sided on Mac

When you print in Mac X, the double-side print option is not typically shown by default. This frustrates many users. Fortunately, this option needs to be dug up from the layout preferences in print settings.


1. In Microsoft Word or similar Mac X program, print a document normally.

2. In the print dialog screen, select Layout to reveal the Two-Sided option. You can select between long-edge binding and short-edge binding. Remember: your printer must have the ability to do double-sided printing in order to see this option.

Mac X Print Layout Settings

Double Sided Printing


3. Print as normal.


Print Double Sided Safari


1. Print

2. Select Layout to reveal Two-Sided option pictured below.

Safari Print Double Sided Settings


Print Double Sided Firefox


1. Print

2. Click Show Details pictured below.

Print Double Sided Mac X


3. Select Layout to reveal Two-Sided option pictured below.

Firefox Advanced Settings Print


Print Double Sided Chrome


1. Print

2. Click More Settings.

Google Chrome Print Double Sided


3. You will see Two-Sided option pictured below.

Google Chrome Print Two Sided



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Thursday, 04 June 2020

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