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Most Common Smartphone Picture Video Format Extensions

Most Common Smartphone Picture Video Format Extensions

When you take a picture or video with your smartphone and save it, a file extension is added to the file so the media can be played on your phone or your computer if you save it off somewhere. Want to know what format pictures and videos your iPhone/Galaxy/Windows phones saves by default? Here are the most common formats of videos and pictures taken and saved with today’s smart phones.


iPhone Saved Video Formats:

.MOV (h.264 AAC MPEG4)

iPhone Saved Picture Formats:

 .JPG (Pictures)

.PNG (Screenshots)

Galaxy Saved Picture Formats:


Galaxy Saved Video Formats:


Windows Phone Saved Picture Formats:

.WDP (Windows photo media)

Windows Phone Saved Video Formats:


Have a phone not listed here? Let us know. Use the comments section below.

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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

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