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Easy: Change iMessage Conversation Name

Change iMessage Conversation Name

If you want to name a group iMessage conversation, follow the steps below. Any other iOS devices will be notified of the conversation name changing as well.


  1. Open a group iMessage. In the top right corner, click the “i".
iMessage details info
  1. At the top, you will see NAME. Type in something to name the group conversation.
iMessage name group chat
  1. Click Done in the top right corner.

You will notice the group text shows you named the conversation to “” and there will be a timestamp shown.


imessage notification group name change


Now, the conversation will show up with the Name instead of the people in the text message whenever you receive a new notification from that group text. Note: anyone can change the conversation name in the group text that has an iPhone – so don’t expect yourself to be able to lock your conversation name in it!

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Tuesday, 09 August 2022