YouTube: What to Expect After You Submit a Counter-Notification

YouTube: What to Expect After You Submit a Counter-Notification

If your YouTube video was recently taken down as the result of a Copyright strike, you can file a counter-notification requesting that your video be restored if you did not already delete the video. Remember, only file a counter-notification if you are the owner of the video or have been given exclusive rights or authority to post the video otherwise.


In our case, someone filed a copyright takedown notice on a YouTube video we recently uploaded. The complaint appeared to have come from the actual video owner whom we were given rights to post the video. After talking with the original owner of the video, they confirmed someone was impersonating them on YouTube.


As it turns out, these type of impersonation takedowns happen more often than not and is something YouTube is trying to get a better handle on – although it’s likely they never will given anyone can falsify their legal information in Copyright Complaint form. Impersonation takedowns appear to be happening with competing YouTube channels posting the same video content and in some cases, the same video. What’s worse, you must forward your personal information to the party that sent the takedown notification. This deters most from filing a counter-notification.


  1. After submitting a YouTube Counter-Notification, you will receive an email from YouTube This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. acknowledging your request. YouTube gives the counter party 10-14 days to respond. YouTube will update the exact reply-by-date inside your YouTube video copyright notice 1 or 2 days after you file your counter notification.

Thank you for your counter notification. It has been forwarded to the party that sent the takedown notification. 

Keep in mind that by submitting this counter notification, you’ve initiated a formal legal dispute process. As such, YouTube will handle this process in accordance with the law. This process takes some time, so we kindly ask for your patience.

Upon forwarding your counter notification to the claimant, we will allow them 10 - 14 business days from this date to respond with evidence that they have taken court action against you to prevent the reinstatement of the video(s) in question. 

If we receive no response, after that time period your videos will be restored and the associated penalties on your account will be resolved. 

You will receive updates in this email thread about your counter notification's status. You can also check its status within your Video Manager.


Youtube counter notification email example


  1. In order for YouTube to continue blocking your video, the complaining party needs to prove they are bringing legal action as a next step. For example, they may begin corresponding with an attorney who may reach out to you (with information you provided in your counter notification). However, this is unlikely unless the video was generating significant income, is protecting someone’s privacy, and or already appears on other YouTube channels.
  1. If YouTube receives no response from the party that sent the takedown notification in the allocated time (or 1-2 days after the date YouTube specified) you will receive another email about your video being restored.

In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we've completed processing your counter notification. 

The following videos have been restored unless you have deleted them


Youtube completed processing counter notification video restored email


Your YouTube video will be available immediately and all views, likes, comments, and basic info will be restored. In addition, the copyright strike for the video will be removed from your YouTube account.

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