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USPS Form 3849 Notice Left Section in Mailbox – But Package Not at Facility?

USPS Form 3849 Notice Left Section in Mailbox But Package Not at Facility?

Did USPS try to deliver an item that required signature but you were unavailable to receive it? The USPS mailman may have also left a PS Form 3849 (with notification of final delivery attempt) in your mailbox with a pickup location to retrieve of the parcel (or package) before it is sent back to the receiver.


Note: When visiting the carrier annex location, you must bring a photo ID with the address exactly as listed. If you are renter, you need to provide a piece of mail in your name or your lease.


However, upon visiting the carrier location, you are told the package is not there. There is confusion by the USPS employees why they left the notice in your mailbox as well. So why did USPS send you on a wild chase for a package that was not even at the location stated? Once again, another poor story of USPS mishap.

  1. Track the package online. Punch in the tracking number on the USPS website.
  1. Once you find your parcel, look at the bottom, select schedule redelivery and fill out the form.
  1. Once completed, hit request redelivery.

You will receive a confirmation number via the website and email. Record this number for your records.

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Sunday, 22 October 2017

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