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Irish Spring Soap Over the Years: A Shrinking Soap Bar?

Irish Spring Soap Over the Years: A Shrinking Soap Bar?

I’ve been loyal to Irish Spring (shower) Soap since my parents washed me with it as a child. In my opinion, there’s an invigorating and indescribable feeling after washing yourself with Irish Spring and getting into clothes. When I was a young, I remember going to the store and buying single boxes of Irish Spring soap to cover me for the week. Today, more than 30 years later, I still buy and use the ‘original’ Irish Spring soap brand.


irish spring soap box shake moving around


Not too long ago, I picked up a box of Irish Spring shower soap and noticed how the soap bar “moving” around inside the box. When I looked inside, it looked like my bar was shrunken! I decided to do some detective work, see below.


Irish spring soap box inside


Irish Spring Soap Box Dimensions: 3 ⅞ x 1 ½


Irish spring soap size measurement




At the time of this post, our Irish Spring box prints 3.75 OZ (106.3g) assuming this is the net weight of the soap bar. And the verdict…


Irish spring soap net weight

Irish spring soap size measurements

The weight is accurate on our soap bar! Surprising, but we were happy to learn it is in fact advertised.


Now Irish Spring, can we get bigger bars back like we used to have?


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Friday, 25 June 2021

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