Mac Mail Insert Text Hyperlink into Email

Mac Mail Insert Text Hyperlink into Email
There is no straightforward method of inserting a customizable hyperlink into a Mac Mail email message and masking the link with pretty text i.e. My Email Link. There is a way to manipulate the link in your email to place text over it. Follow these steps.
1. In Mac X Mail, create a new email message
2. Copy/paste a hyperlink in the email. In the example below, this is
New Mac Email Message

3. Now, move your cursor somewhere into the hyperlink and begin typing text you want to use. For example, I typed “My Link” somewhere in the link pictured below.
Mac Mail Hyperlink Test Email
4. FInally, delete the surrounding hyperlink leaving only “My Link”. Then, test your link by right-clicking and Open Link.
Mac Mail Email Link Hyperlink Clear Text
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Sunday, 03 December 2023