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Easy: Reset Mac PRAM – Key Combination

Reset Mac PRAM Key Combination

If your Mac starts to behave unexpectedly (applications quitting randomly, display dimming for no reason, slow shutdowns, or sometimes your Mac does not start up) a good practice is to reset your Mac parameter ram (PRAM). PRAM is a small subset of RAM on your Mac used to store certain system settings. Read more about PRAM on Apple’s Support site.

Note: PRAM and NVRAM are reset the same way below if you are running Mac OS X on your Mac. Both are the same types of ram on Mac’s today.

  1. Shutdown your Mac.
  1. Press and hold Alt/Option + Command + P + R and power on your Mac.
  1. You will see a white screen appear first, then black screen again and your Mac startup chime – indicating another reboot. You just successfully reset your Mac PRAM and you can release the keys and allow your Mac to boot.

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Tuesday, 09 August 2022