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Phoenix Android Radio – Poor FM/AM Reception?

Phoenix Android Radio – Poor FM/AM Reception?


---- UPDATE: Poor AM/FM Reception FIX documented here. ----


If you recently installed a Phoenix Android Radio unit to replace your car original (OEM original equipment manufacturer) radio, you may notice poorer FM / AM reception while driving around. In other words, you may notice A LOT more static than you did with your original radio.


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If this is your experience, your original stereo likely used an FM/AM diversity antenna (2nd antenna) installed in your vehicle, which the Phoenix Android radio does not use. FM / AM diversity uses two or more antennas to improve the quality and reliability of FM / AM transmission. Car producers prefer multi antenna scanning diversity systems to improve FM and AM reception quality. These systems are highly efficient and cost effective to reduce distortions going along with multipath propagation.


BE AWARE. If you anticipate buying a Phoenix Android Radio, check if your OEM unit uses FM/AM antenna diversity and if so, check if the Phoenix Android radio supports it. Otherwise, you can guarantee a weak FM signal (virtually useless FM radio unless you live close by to the radio stations or major city hub, and even then, poor reception interference around buildings, bridges, overpasses, and you may not receive any AM reception).

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Sunday, 02 October 2022