Correct Way to Clean Clark’s Boots (Desert / Chukka / Leather)

Correct Way to Clean Clark’s Boots (Desert / Chukka / Leather)

If you own a pair of Clark’s boots, you may be wondering how to properly clean your boots and remove dirt, scuffs, and general wear and tear off of the leather. Clark’s boots are known to scuff easily, so it’s important to condition your boots regularly to avoid permanent damage over time. Follow the steps below (as outlined by Clark’s on their website) for cleaning, conditioning, polishing and protecting your Clark’s boots.


What you need:

White microfiber cloth for polishing your boots – buy here or here.

Official Leather polishing and conditioning lotion for boots – buy here or here.


  1. Begin by de-lacing your Clark’s boots. We will soak our laces in cold water with some soap while we clean our boots. The laces can be swished around in soapy water and then rung out to dry.


Clarks boots warn down scuffs

Note: Do not wash your laces in a washing machine. Washing your laces in a washer may remove the lace coloring.


  1. Using a white microfiber cloth, fold the cloth into a small square so you have a firm grip. Apply the leather lotion liberally to both boots. Cover each boot entirely with the lotion so each boot appears “wet”.
Clarks boots conditioner lotion leather cleaning
  1. Let your boots dry for about an hour then buff lightly with a clean white microfiber cloth.

Note: For extremely warn boots, repeat steps 2-3 again.



Clark’s Official Leather Cleaning Lotion / Polisher / Conditioner

For those looking for the official Clark’s brand of leather lotion, it can only be purchased at their brick and mortar store locations at this time. It cannot be purchased anywhere online, including the Clark’s website. Here are the details of the official Clark’s leather lotion.


Leather lotion is a unique, wax-free formulation that enhances the appearance of leather shoes, boots, handbags, luggage, and all the quality leather products. It softens leather and helps prevent cracking. It cleans, polishes, and protects leather articles, leaving a soft satiny finish that prevents water spotting while still allowing leather to breathe. It can be used safely on all colors, when white. It is also very effective on reptile, calf, patent, vinyl, plastic, and simulated leather material. Do not use on suede, nubuck or napped materials. 


Clarks Leather Lotion CLK# 348007 000 000

8 fl oz. (142g)


Clarks leather lotion front bottle


Clarks leather lotion back bottle


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