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Cheapest Wendy’s Meal Under $6

Cheapest Wendy’s Meal Under $6
You can feed yourself at Wendy’s for an easy $6 if you take advantage of their dollar menu items. The following items were ordered at Wendy’s

2x Jr Cheeseburgers @ $0.99

2x Crispy Chickens @ $0.99

4 Piece Nugget @ $0.99

Fries @ $0.99

Line Total w/tax: $6.53

Cheapest Wendys Meal Receipt

Wendy's Beast Mode Meal Cheap

This meal was absolutely filling. The only remaining dollar menu items we didn’t order were the Chili and a Frosty. This meal is certainly worth what you pay for and Wendy’s as we know is known for tasting fresh.

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Sunday, 22 May 2022