Cheapest Burger King Meal Under $10 – Beast Mode Meal

Cheapest Burger King Meal Under $10 – Beast Mode Meal
Burger King – Home of the Whopper. Burger King has come a long way since it’s interpretation in 1953. Today, Burger King offers hot dogs. Who would of thought? Aside, Burger King has one of the most filling and cheapest dollar $1 menu items to offer compared to most fast food establishments. We tested Burger King’s dollar menu and ordered up a beast mode feast of items that could feed a family of 4 for under $10. You won’t believe it.

Our Order:

3x Rodeo Chicken Sandwiches - $1 each

Burger King Dollar Rodeo Chicken
2x Rodeo Burgers - $1 each

Burger King Dollar Rodeo Burger
1x Large Fry - $2.39 each

Burger King Large Fries Cheap

1x 10pc Chicken Nuggets - $1.49 each

Burger King Dollar Chicken Nuggets

Grand Total w/ Tax: $9.77

Burger King Beast Mode Cheapest Dollar Menu Items

After ordering, our bulging Burger King bag screamed hungry man. We love the Burger King rodeo style dollar menu sandwiches have onion rings on them (2 onion rings each) for more flavor and more feed. We loved BK fries too much to not order a large. If we swapped our fry order, and substituted 2 rodeo style sandwiches for the same price – this would have been a burger king beefcake beast mode meal for a total of 7 sandwiches and nuggets for under $10.

Cheap Burger King Dollar Menu Receipt

If your late night, our order above touches most of Burger King’s popular menu items and you’ll get a nice variety of tastes to shovel down your hatch and pass out.

All else, there is the beefcake beast mode meal to certainly pass you out.

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