Cool: iPhone Find Nearby Restaurants Using Emoji’s

Cool: iPhone Find Nearby Restaurants Using Emoji’s

Did you know you can search for nearby restaurants on your iPhone by simply typing in an emoji icon? That’s right! If you have a taste for a burger, go ahead and type in the burger emoji to reveal the closest burger restaurants near you right now.


  1. Open iPhone spotlight by swiping down on your home screen.

  2. On your iPhone keyboard, select your emoji icons.

    • iPhone Spotlight Search
  3. In this example, we simply type the burger emoji.

    • iPhone Spotlight Emoji
  4. Instantly, iPhone spotlight reveals the closest restaurants to me for burgers. You can scroll through the selections. We select Widen’s Hot Dogs.

    • iPhone Emoji Restaurants
  5. We see the Google listing details for this restaurant and can get directions.

    • iPhone Lookup Restaurants by Emoji
  6. By default, the directions open in Apple Maps – so if you do not have this app installed you will be prompted to do so. Simply re-install Maps from the App Store.

    • iPhone Restore Maps Directions


Restore “Maps”? You followed a link that requires the app “Maps”, which is no longer on your iPhone. You can restore it from the App Store.


Happy eating!

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Saturday, 02 March 2024