Review: Best USB 3.0 Tower 6-Port Ultra-Fast Hub – iHarbort

Review Best USB 3.0 Tower 6-Port Ultra-Fast Hub – iHarbort

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The iHarbort USB 3.0 w/ SD and TF card reader is one of the only USB 3.0 hubs to offer dedicated SD & TF card slot readers and dual dedicated USB charging ports (bc 1.2) that allow for file transfers simultaneously.

USB 3.0 6 port tower


The iHarbort USB tower hub features 6 USB 3.0 ports with 2 dedicated for 5/2.4A high speed charging. It also includes 1 SD and TF card slots.


The sleek and elegant design of the iHarbort makes it convenient for any table top desk space. The SD card reader on top of the iHarbort allows you to throw away your other SD card readers.

Review usb 3.0 tower iharbort ports


The iHarbort needs the AC power source connected in order to function. There is a small blue light on top that lights up when the iHarbort is powered. The iHarbort Tower USB hub features a lifetime warranty.

iHarbort USB 3.0 tower setup


Buy the iHarbort USB 3.0 6 Port tower here.

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