The Best: Nose Hair Razor Blade (Mini Razor Blade)

The Best: Nose Hair Razor Blade (Mini Razor Blade)

After scouring the Internet for a “mini blade” small enough to fit inside a person’s nose, we found the perfect nose hair razor blades. Check out the Kai Mini Grooming Razors.


These razors fit perfectly inside your nose and they measure just under ½ an inch. The Kai mini razor allows you to shave out your annoying nose hairs down to the skin. This saves time from having to pluck your nose hairs. Within 1 minute you can have perfectly hairless nose nostrils for an ultimate sensation many have never experienced.


Nose hair razor blade


These blades are very sharp so you must be careful when applying pressure shaving your nose. A little bleeding is not uncommon unless you are extremely careful.



The first unofficial nose hair razor

Comes in pack of 3

Very cheap

Each blade provides around 10-15 sharp cuts before it begins to dull down




Nose hair mini blade razor


When you nose hairs grow back, it can cause discomfort for some. Prickly nose hairs come back stronger and may cause some to sneeze more often during growth. Also, blowing your nose during nose hair growth may be a prickly to some.



Buy the Kai Mini Grooming Nose Hair Razors here.


Get them while they last!

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