Absolutely Hands-Down: The BEST All Purpose Cleaner for Cars (CarGuys)

Absolutely Hands-Down: The BEST All Purpose Cleaner for Cars

Where do we begin? We purchased CarGuys Super Cleaner after reading all the 5-star reviews (over 1k) on Amazon. The cleaner was a bit expensive for an 18-ounce bottle, coming in around $17, but free shipping with our Amazon Prime membership at the time of this article.


The product arrived with the spray nozzle disconnected from the bottle. This makes sense when shipping such a product, so the spray nozzle does not leak the cleaning solution or break during shipping. After assembling the nozzle to the bottle, we ran off to our car.


Car guys all purpose cleaner bottle front


Our car is 14 years old and contains deeply warn stains or “dirty spots” on the leather, carpet, and plastic that hasn’t come out in years. We tried multi-surface cleaners including Bug & Tar remover, Armor All, and Bugs N Spray but none have been able to remove deeper stains or scuffs.


Note: Unfortunately, we do not have before pictures since we did not anticipate writing this review and since we were excited how the cleaner was performing. We included some after pictures for what it is worth.


Our first challenge was the driver side leather seat. The seat was noticeably warn from years of sliding on and off of it (being an SUV and higher off the ground). The bottom seat cushion was blackened with years of dirt. We generously sprayed CarGuys on the bottom of the seat and applied medium pressure with a microfiber cloth (we purchased this microfiber cloth here.) to wipe. IMMEDATLEY, dirt rubbed off and the seat bottom looked BRAND NEW! After repeating the same wiping motion onto the same areas of the seat, we began to notice the real color of the seat appearing on the rag. It appeared the cleaner was powerful enough to remove the original color of the leather seat after enough wiping. The seat itself did not look skewed in color, however we stopped wiping after noticing this. In either case, after 8 years of the seat showing same dirt color, now the leather seat looked like it came out of the showroom!


Next, we used CarGuys on the side floor plastic protector strips. There were years of foot scuffs from stepping and getting in and out of the car, but most noticeably on the drive side. With a generous amount of CarGuys and one wipe of the driver side protector strip, YEARS of dirt and scuffs were immediately removed! We could not believe how little to no effort in buffing immediately removed the scuffs we buffed and buffed over years with other cleaners.


Car guys all purpose cleaner plastic door protectors


We moved to the driver and passenger interior door panels. There were years of grime on the door grips from opening and closing the doors. Again, applying a generous amount of CarGuys and medium buffing, all the dirt was instantly removed and the original color of the door panel was exposed!


We used CarGuys to clean all the interior ceiling handgrips. It removed years of dirty buildup from hands that ArmorAll could not remove.


Car guys all purpose cleaner leather upholstery


In the past, one of the more challenging parts to clean was the carpet and ceiling upholstery. Using scrub brushes for nearly hours and as advertised “deep carpet cleaner” it never removed stains or deeper dirt from the carpet in our car. Cleaning the scuffs from our ceiling was always difficult since it required awkward positioning with several minutes of scrubbing. Our car had scuffs and marks throughout the car from years of people in and out, even using WeatherTech mats. Using the same rag we used in our car, CarGuys lifted a couple deep carpet stains and ALL the minor scuffs in our ceiling upholstery! This was absolutely unbelievable.


Finally, the most rewarding place to clean in our car was the trunk plastic side and floor guards and the interior trunk side upholstery. The trunk was by far the dirtiest part of our car, since it typically bears the burden of anything and everything. We have a cargo trunk and it’s been used to transport larger objects over time so it shows its use. CarGuys literally removed all of the DEEP dirty scuffs in the plastic guards and ALL the dirty scuffs in the side upholstery. In doing so, it brought out how badly in shape the plastic guard was in, revealing the deeper scratches the dirt otherwise concealed. We spent under 10 minutes cleaning and removing all the scuffs and dirt in our trunk versus scrubbing the same areas for years using ArmorAll or Bug & Tar.


Car guys all prupose cleaner interior cleaning trunk scuffs marks


In summary, we used about ¾ of our 18-ounce bottle of CarGuys in this article. The product has a very mild and indescribable smell, but we wouldn’t call it appealing. We do not recommend using this product to condition leather or carpet; it seems to be more of a cleaner based on our results. We recommend using CarGuys to clean areas of your car you otherwise have been unsuccessful cleaning over time. Finally, we also used CarGuys to clean our other car interior including dashboard, but it did not give a glowing shine, such as you would get with Armor all or leather conditioner. If you are looking to remove years of build-up dirt or scuffs, we absolutely swear by CarGuys super cleaner.


Buy CarGuys Super Cleaner: here.


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