Dual USB iPhone Charging Cable Solution (Dual USB A + Single Lightning Connector)

Dual USB iPhone Charging Cable Solution (Dual USB A + Single Lightning Connector)

As the iPhone evolves, next generation iPhones will require additional power to adequately charge themselves sufficiently. Charging may become an issue with older generation USB chargers and cables, as they will not sustain enough output power to charge an iPhone. In this case, it is simple enough to buy a more powerful USB charger. But what about older USB charging cables that are built into systems and cannot be easily replaced – like your car stereo USB ports? We attempted to charge our latest iPhone using our car stereo USB 1.1 (maximum power of 1.5 amps) charging port. Unfortunately, while our iPhone was plugged into the car USB charging cable, it actually lost power while on our ride! Since our car stereo had (2) USB charging cables, why not use both charging cables to charge our iPhone? Combining our car stereo USB chargers would give us 3 amps of total charging power.


The reason we wanted a dual male USB to single lightning connector cable was to harvest power from the 2nd USB charging cable to give our iPhone more power to charge.



  1. Purchase a Dual USB A to Micro B cable and a USB Micro to Lightning adapter.


The dual USB a to Micro B adapter provides 2 Male USB ends to plug in both USB charging connector cables from our car stereo. The micro to lightning adapter will allow us to use our iPhone.


Usb iphone charging cable dual usb lighting

  1. You will be able to harvest power from the other USB charging cable in your car giving you stable charging power again!
Dual usb male to lightning cable micro usb
Dual usb male to lightning cable usb a connector

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